Hi, I’m Peter.
Designer for digital products living in Berlin.

I’m currently working with Edenspiekermann where I helped building digital products for ZEIT Online, ZEIT Magazin, The Economist, RedBull TV, NZZ, AZ Medien and other, still undisclosed international clients.

While I definitely enjoy the visual aspect of my job, I put my main focus on asking the right questions to understand the actual problem at hand. Only then can I come up with a solution that meets user needs as well as content-, business- and technical requirements.

As a designer I thrive on inspiration, constant learning and a focused mind. That’s why I work a 4-day week and try to dedicate a substantial part of my time to education, side projects and creative experiments.

During my design studies at HTW Berlin I co-founded BRUT magazine, an interactive digital magazine that explored the possibilities of hyperlinks in video and their effect on storytelling and dramaturgy. BRUT magazine won a silver LEAD award in 2014 (web magazine of the year) and is currently being developed further by a 5th generation of HTW design students.

I also co-founded BETT, a creative coworking space in an former brewery building in Berlin Schöneweide. What started as a student-driven side project is now a self-sustained coworking space for freelancers and students from all creative disciplines as well as a venue for various events.

Mail: post@ungemeinfein.de